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Sustainable management of digital transformation in higher education.

We are looking forward to exciting topics and
fascinating insights at the eduFutureDays 2022!


Different perspectives on sustainability and digitalisation in higher education

We are looking forward to exciting topics and
fascinating insights at the eduFutureDays 2022!


Digital transformation as a booster for sustainability?

Details about the event programme, exciting speakers
and the date will be announced soon.

#eduFutureDays | Next event date to be announced soon

New topic in 2022.
Sustainability and Digitalisation.

After the successful premiere last year, we are pleased to announce the next eduFutureDays! Once again, international top speakers from higher education institutions, politics and technology companies will share their valuable knowledge with the audience. The upcoming event will again offer an exciting topic:
Digitalisation as an impact on sustainability in higher education

We will discuss if digitalisation in higher education leads to more sustainability, whether digital skills are directly linked to sustainability and if Artificial Intelligence can increase efficiency. Furthermore, we are looking forward to valuable best practices from industry and the academia at the eduFutureDays 2022.

Organized by
Simovative GmbH – The experts in the digitalisation of processes in higher education institutions and front-runner in the field of campus management solutions with the software academyFIVE.

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#eduFutureDays | Next event date to be announced soon


No. 1

Digitalisation as impact on sustainability

Sustainability and digitalisation are currently two very dominant buzzwords in our society. Together, they form an important research area with great potential. The digital age is also called the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. It focuses on economic factors such as new technologies, innovation gains, the generation of new sales, higher productivity, and increased efficiency. At the same time, efficiency gains are crucial for reducing resource consumption. But efficiency is not always synonymous with sustainability. In this context, we ask ourselves what impact digitalisation has on sustainability in higher education.

No. 2

Efficiency through artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the development of computer systems that use reasoning and other human characteristics to perform tasks on their own.</p><p>AI has also officially entered the field of higher education. It has the potential to bring significant change to colleges and universities of all types and sizes. But can artificial intelligence increase efficiency in higher education?

No. 3

Teaching sustainability

Education for Sustainable Development provides formal and informal learning opportunities that enable all students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to contribute to a sustainable future. We take a look at the teaching of sustainability in higher education.

No. 4

Industry best practice

The importance of digitalisation and sustainability is increasing in almost every sector. As with all matters of sustainability, the issue is simple in theory but complex in practice. We are therefore looking forward to learning from industry best practices on how companies in the industry combine digitalisation and sustainability.

No. 5

Academic best practice

Digital instruction as well as working and learning from home have produced numerous benefits and challenges. When we talk about the impact of digitalisation on sustainability in higher education, a best practice from a higher education institution cannot be missing.

#eduFutureDays | Next event date to be announced soon

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