10 am | Keynote
The Future of Education starts now

Andrew Ko, Founder of Kovexa, Washington/USA


11 am | Artificial Intelligence
Reinventing the Digital Classroom with Artificial Intelligence

David Kellermann, Senior Lecturer in Engineering at the University of South Wales, Sydney


12 pm | Adaptive Learning
„One size fits all“ is outdated - why the future of learning is adaptive

Daniel Hong, Learning Solutions Architect at Area9 Lyceum GmbH, Leipzig/Germany


2 pm | Virtual Reality
Learn and work with VR/AR today and in the future

Clarence Dadson, Chairman of Extended Reality Bavaria and CEO of Design4real, Munich/Germany


3 pm | Mobile Learning
Insights in Future Learning Scenarios with AR and AI in Physics Education

Stefan Küchemann, Senior Scientist in Physics Education Research, TU Kaiserslautern/Germany


4 pm | Learning Analytics
Storytelling with Data: Use Your Evidence; Use it Effectively

Tonya Riney, Chief Operating Officer, IntelliBoard Inc., Connecticut
Becky Keith, VP-Platforms, IntelliBoard Inc., Connecticut